Questions & Answers

Staffing FAQs

Learn more about our Staffing Solutions and how we can meet all your staffing needs with qualified, well-trained candidates.

Do you provide staffing services for all types of businesses?
Yes, we do serve all types of businesses! Please contact us for a detailed and personalized answer based on your industry and specific staffing needs.
Do you provide contract personnel services?
Yes. We provide a full range of contract personnel services, including:

  • Contingent and supplemental staff
  • Special projects
  • Permanent placements
  • Payroll services
  • Outsourced inspection and sorting
  • Hospitality associates (servers, bartenders, barbacks, bussers)
  • Manufacturing and LI
  • Skilled and semi-skilled personnel
  • Warehousing
  • Office clerical
  • Bonded security
  • Logistics
What services do you offer?

We will work by your side from start to finish. That includes helping you with management, reporting, creating job descriptions and handbooks, and handling the legalities of healthcare. Our Staffing Solutions management team has more than 60 years of experience delivering services that also include:

  • Comprehensive screening, from interviews through certifications and background investigations
  • Training and testing, including worksite-specific orientations and MIOSHA/OSHA training
  • Personalized placement support, with a representative available to serve you 24/7
What is Avionté software?

Avionté is software that enables you to track everything from onboarding to payroll and reporting anytime, anywhere, using mobile or other devices. It’s a complete system that saves you time, reduces unnecessary paperwork, and streamlines your entire staffing process, from hiring to invoicing. From Avionté’s friendly interface, you can manage, connect, and complete tasks related to:

Front office

    • Customer relationship management
    • Recruiting
    • Onboarding

Back office

    • Time capture and management
    • Payroll, billing, and AR


    • Reporting
    • Compliance management
What steps do you take to screen candidates?
Our employment application is one of the most comprehensive in the staffing industry and covers a wide range of relevant information.  The application includes work history, reading and reasoning, reference check, tax preparations (W-4, I-9) and background investigation. Our screening process also includes:

  • Review of employment and educational background
  • In-person interview
  • Work history verification
  • Reading and reasoning evaluation
  • Reference and education checks
  • Industry-specific certifications
  • Background investigation and I-9 eVerify (with Terrorist Watchlist SSN trace)
What do you cover in your candidate background investigation?
Our background investigation includes:

  • Felony criminal records check, state and federal
  • Sexual Offender Registry check
  • Address verification
  • SSN verification
  • OFAC/Terrorist Watch List trace
How do you train and test candidates for employment?

All candidates receive training and orientation before they start work for you. The training and testing can be customized to meet your needs but typically includes:

  • General and worksite-specific orientations
  • Operating policies and procedure training
  • IBM Assessment Test
  • MIOSHA/OSHA training
    • Eye safety, back safety, and proper lifting
    • Hazard Communication Standard
    • Right-to-Know
  • Additional training as requested
What type of worksite orientation is performed?
We develop an orientation package in advance and in cooperation with your staff to ensure that it meets your needs. Policies, organizational hierarchy, and procedures will all be reviewed prior to the candidate’s first day on the job.
What industries do you serve?
We provide personnel for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to quality inspection and containment, logistics and warehousing, and hospitality.
Who will we be working with?
An HR representative will be your point of contact throughout your engagement. You will be able to contact your representative by phone or email, with 24/7 cellphone availability in case of immediate needs. Your representative will also be able to reach out to 3–5 qualified personnel who can quickly respond to your needs.
How do you handle healthcare and retirement coverage?

Staffing Solutions employees who have worked more than an initial 90 days must be offered affordable health care coverage. When eligibility occurs, and coverage is requested and implemented, additional insurance costs are incurred. We will evaluate these costs for each employee and accept coverage for health, dental, vision, life, STD and LTD insurances, and 401(k).

What benefits do you provide to employees?
We value our personnel and provide a full work and healthcare package for full-time employees who complete training. Employees have access to health, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as paid holiday and vacation time, Mastercard-endorsed pay cards, and a variety of recognition and incentive plans.
What separates SMS from the competition?

We have long and deep experience with staffing for a range of industries, and we take pride in developing strong relationships with our clients so we can help you meet your business vision. Among the reasons companies choose us:

  • We always ensure applicants have the required skills and experience, including bilingual candidates
  • We assign a representative to you who is available by cellphone on a 24/7 basis
  • We offer an employment period that gives you a float period for costly benefits
  • There is generally no buy-out fee
  • Payments are made from a local bank, ensuring expediency
What are the business benefits of using SMS?

Our Staffing Solutions can help you reduce the costs and hassles associated with recruiting, screening, training, and placing employees. No matter how your needs shift over time, you can be sure you’ll have the qualified personnel you need, when you need them.

  • Eliminate the time and money spent recruiting employees
  • Protect against seasonal swings in employment levels
  • Connect the right applicants to your job opportunities using the IBM Assessment Test
  • Quickly add personnel for short-term projects
  • Easily add staffing for crisis project management
  • Ensure timely replacements for all employee vacancies
  • Avoid costly benefits during the probationary employment period
  • Hire employees as needed with no buy-out fee after the agreed-upon period
  • Reduce cost of unemployment insurance (UIA)
  • Reduce benefit costs associated with the Affordable Care Act
Is there a buy-out fee if we decide to hire a candidate?
If you decide to hire the employee, there is no buy-out fee, unless you hire them prior to 520 straight time hours (approximately 90 days) of employment for general labor and related positions.
What do you include in the invoice rate?
The following items are included in your invoice rate:

  • Recruiting costs
  • Vetting costs
    • Employment verifications
    • Education Verifications
    • Criminal Background Check
    • 5 Panel Drug Testing
    • Valid Driver’s License Verification (MVR) when applicable
  • MESA contributions
  • Workers’ compensation premiums and reporting
  • Liability verification
    • I-9 Form (we use eVerify with Terrorist Watchlist SSN trace)
    • OSHA’s Hazard Communication
  • Payroll
  • Payroll taxes
  • General liability insurance
  • Administer reading, math and computer skills test if and as needed
  • Seven paid holidays per year
  • Five days paid vacation per year
    • Vacation is paid after working 2,080 straight time hours continuously
    • Paid holiday occurs after 90 days employment
  • MasterCard-endorsed pay cards or direct deposit
  • Performance reviews
  • Disciplinary action