Keep your employees and your business safe with our customized security personnel solutions

Security You Can Trust

When it comes to securing your business and your people, experience matters. For more than 50 years, we’ve provided qualified security personnel to businesses across the country. Our team follows a proven process to identify and train personnel you can rely on to detect, deter, and prevent workplace incidents—so you can focus on your business.

Mobile Patrol &
Alarm Response

Our reliable and flexible Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response program provides routine visits, patrols, and emergency on-site support to help secure your business. We can customize the program as needed to provide scheduled or randomized visits
to whichever locations you need. And because our readily available security professionals provide documentation and updates of each visit, you’re always fully informed about activity surrounding your assets.


From CCTV to mobile device alerts, technology is at the heart of modern security. Our addon and standalone Technology Integration solutions ensure that your security-related equipment is working together to detect, deter, and
respond to threats. We can ensure that alerts are sent to your chosen device within minutes. Our standalone solutions also include CCTV systems, screening and monitoring equipment, remote monitoring, patrol completion reports, visitor log-in notifications, and bodycam camera resources.

Guarding &
Remote Monitoring

Some businesses benefit from on-site security guards, while others prefer to monitor assets remotely. Whichever solution you prefer, we provide the exceptionally well-trained security professionals you need for internal and
external patrols and off-site remote monitoring solutions. If you need site-specific training, we combine industry-best programs with our standard training, and if you require less security presence, we provide a variety of remote monitoring services.
Keep your employees and your business safe with our customized security personnel solutions.

Better security starts here

We have a half century of experience protecting business assets and people. Let us know your needs, and we’ll deliver the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

We are a Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Proud to be nationally certified by the
Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council

What We Do

  • Screen: We follow one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening/vetting processes
  • Investigate: Includes a deep background check, Social Security trace, drug testing, etc.
  • Interview: Comprehensive, customized interviews of top candidates
  • Train: Includes basic criminal law, terrorist preparedness, first aid, workplace violence, etc.
  • Administrate: We handle payroll, liability verification, performance reviews, and more

Employee benefits

We value our personnel and provide a full work and healthcare package for full-time employees who complete training. Employees have access to health, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as paid holiday and vacation time, Mastercard-endorsed pay cards, and a variety of recognition and incentive plans.


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